Where would we be without advances in topical wound management? We would have slow healing times, high infection rates, increased pain, very high rates of amputation and even loss of life. 

Karen has dedicated the last seventeen years to Wound Care Nursing and is passionate about learning and sharing the best practices with her patients and her peers.  

She has over 25 years nursing experience, including acute care, outpatient clinic, home health, and long-term care. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and Advanced Certification in Hyperbaric Nursing. She is Clinical Nurse Manager of St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital CENTER FOR WOUND HEALING in San Antonio, TX.  

Karen spent her formative years watching I Love Lucy and The Carol Burnett Show, and has parlayed this ‘love of comedy’ and ‘flair for the dramatic’ into her alter ego, “Wound Care Karen,” featuring fun, educational videos on social media.