Julio R. Garcia BSN, ACHRN, FAPWCA
Nurse Representative, Board of Directors, American College of Hyperbaric Medicine
Chair, International Education Committee, APWCA

Julio Garcia started his career in medicine in 1984 as a 91B US Army Combat Medical Specialist. After six years of service in the US Army, he began his initial training in wound care at the University of South Alabama Medical Center, under the Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Burns, Dr. Arnold Luterman.  In 1990, he was called back to service with the Alabama National Guard to serve in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  After his service in the war, Mr. Garcia completed his bachelor in science in nursing from the University of Mobile.  He furthered his training by specializing in Critical Care (Open Heart Recovery/SICU) Medicine and Emergency Medicine.  In 1996, he began his full-time career in hyperbaric medicine and wound care. 

Since that time, he has been a program director for both monoplace and a multiplace facility. In 1999, he became the Program Director for the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama. In this position, with the assistance of his team that includes 2 physicians, 5 CHRN’S, 1 CHT plus prn firefighters/medics, they provide 24/7 critical care hyperbaric services for greater than a 200 mile stretch of the central gulf coast. As 5 time accredited UHMS level one facility for the Diver’s Alert Network, he and his team treat 10-15 DCI patients every year for central gulf coast. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, their unit treated 16 carbon monoxide victims in a span of 3 days. They are the cornerstone for emergency care in hyperbarics for the last 20 years for the central gulf coast.

He has published a number of papers and is a 2-time co-author for the critical care chapter of the Hyperbaric Nursing and Wound Care textbook.  In addition, he has served as former executive at large for the Baromedical Nursing Association and is currently serving as the Nurse Representative on the Board of Directors for the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine. Mr. Garcia also has served on the planning committee and moderator for the international meetings of the Latin American New Cardio-Vascular Horizons (NCVH) and Co-Director for the Nursing and Wound Care sessions of NCVH New Orleans. He has taught two introductory courses of hyperbaric medicine in the Commonwealth of his native Puerto Rico. He is an accomplished speaker and recognized by his peers as being an expert and leader in the fields of hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

He also served his community as a volunteer in the capacity of Lieutenant in charge of Safety/Training Officer for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Flotilla, whose primary mission is Search and Rescue for Mobile County and served as President for the Hispanic American Business Association of the Gulf Coast. This organization helps foster business relations and provides scholarships for deserving Hispanic American students in the area. He has received awards for the outstanding chapter for the national organization of the SAVE A LEG SAVE A LIFE (SALSAL) FOUNDATION for 2010 and a winner of the 2011 Hospital Hero Award for Alabama Hospital Association.  In addition, he has being recognized with the Special Services Award of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society in 2014, the Paul C. Baker Award for outstanding service in Hyperbaric Medicine Safety in 2015 and Excellence in Critical Care Award for the UHMS in 2019.